Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player (Progressive Scan)

Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player (Progressive Scan)Description

Ultra Slim, New Mid size Design, Progressive Scan, JPEG, MP3 Playback, Multi Disc Resume, Multi Brand TV remote, Energy Star.Connection: 1 x Component video output ( RCA phono x 3 ) – Rear, 1 x Composite video output ( RCA phono ) – Rear, 1 x Digital audio output (coaxial) ( RCA phono ) – Rear.what’s in the box: Sony DVP-SR210P Progressive Scan DVD Player, A/V Cable, 2 x AA Batteries, Remot


  • Progressive Output (480p)
  • Fast/Slow Playback with Sound
  • Multi Brand TV Remote Control
  • CD, MP3 and JPEG Playback

Details & Price

This product was manufactured by Sony.

Brand: Sony
UPC: 027242841062
List Price: $34.99.
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3 Responses to “Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player (Progressive Scan)”

  1. ASP says:

    This review is for the SONY DVP-SR210P DVD Player.

    I have not had any problems with this DVD player. It is a basic, entry-level CD/DVD player. Priced in the $30-$40 range, it does what it needs to, play DVD, DVD-R, CD, and CD-R. I did not test DVD+R. The player also has parental control which lets you lock out DVDs with specific ratings (G, PG, R, NC-17) from being played. I’ll update as necessary.

    Included: A/V Cables (Red-White-Yellow), Remote Control with 2 SONY AA Batteries, Manual.

    This DVD player is very lightweight. It measures 10.5″W x 8″D x 1.3″H. The power cable is 56″ long (4″ short of 5 ft). The back of the DVD player connections are: Component Video (Green-Red-Blue) or Standard Video (Yellow), and Standard Audio (Red-White). There is an Orange Digital Out Coaxial port.

    When powering up, it takes 3 second to turn on, and another 3 seconds for the tray to eject. When ejecting, the front door pushes down as the tray slides…

  2. Artsy says:

    I paid $35 for this DVD player back in June, 2012 which I thought was a pretty good deal. Now I see it is under $30 so my advice is to buy it while it is hot! My old Sony player was about ten years old and every other rental DVD I received skipped around so badly I couldn’t enjoy a movie. As I wasn’t sure if I wanted all the bells and whistles right now (Blu Ray or wireless to stream movies, etc) I went for cheap. So I was expecting a basic machine and that is what I got. So my five star rating is based on the price and that it plays DVDs, which is all I need. If you are looking for a player that walks the dogs and does the dishes, or to impress your techie friends, this item is not for you! My main complaint (at first) was there is no digital time display. I was used to seeing how far along the movie was by looking at the face of the player. But now I just press the “Display” button on the remote and it tells me how many minutes I am in to the DVD. This is important when I am playing…

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