SANOXY® AGPtek Digital Optical Coax to Analog RCA Audio Converter Adapter

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3 Responses to “SANOXY® AGPtek Digital Optical Coax to Analog RCA Audio Converter Adapter”

  1. Richard La Barca says:

    This audio converter (Sold by Acepurchase Inc – Fulfilled by Amazon) may work fine for some but, for many TVs, etc., this product does not seem to work if your (source) device does not support PCM/LPCM output. i.e. if your device will only output in the Dolby or other DTS formats, this converter is incapable of “decoding” these signals thus producing only white noise. It does not state these limitations in the product description where I had to, literally, learn the hard way.

    After learning the differences in the newer audio formats, I found that I needed an audio decoder such as . This decoder works fine for me, but, still only outputting analog L/R signals. I knew this would be the result for either a converter or decoder and am…

  2. J. Elliott "toynews" says:

    Bought digital audio cable at same time along with this item . . . hooked up in minutes to my new speaker bar / wireless sub-woofer that only support analog audio (RCA plugs) and it worked great. The conversion of digital audio sound to split analog (red/white RCA plugs) worked fine, although the overall sound volume was somewhat lower than I expected but still you can really crank up the higher quality volume on the external speakers. I played the TV digital output sound through this device into a sound bar / sub-woofer and it greatly improved the sound over the standard speakers in the TV.

    Only complaint would be that of any similar item like this is that they are not designed to conserve energy with the always on power supply converter. While a low user of power, all these power vampires add up over time. Also the plug did not fit in my power strip because it was too wide to be placed next to other plugs, so I had to plug it directly into the wall outlet…

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