Samsung SSG-5100GB 3D Active Glasses

Samsung SSG-5100GB 3D Active GlassesDescription

The Samsung SSG-5100GB 3D active glasses are compatible with 2012 and 2013 model year Samsung 3D-ready HDTVs(E, ES, and F series). You must also have a 3D-ready Blu-ray player with 3D content, or a satellite/cable provider broadcasting in 3D. Note: Not compatible with previous Samsung TV’s which featured a 3D Sync IR output, or 2010 Samsung 3D-ready TVs with IR emitter.


  • Compatible to 2012 and 2013 Samsung 3D HDTVs
  • CR2025 Battery required
  • 3D Active Glasses

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This product was manufactured by Samsung.

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3 Responses to “Samsung SSG-5100GB 3D Active Glasses”

  1. Alphonsel "bla bla" says:

    I bought these as an alternative for the Panasonic 3-D glasses recommended for my Panasonic viera. At less than half the cost, why not. But I am a 3-D idiot. This is the first time I ever used 3-D glasses to watch TV. I ran in to a few bumps along the way, but once I figured them out, its pretty cool.

    *They work. once you get them paired, you are all set.

    *As a first time user, I wished the instructions were better, as I almost returned these. I am glad I didint.

    *I was not sure what to do at first with the red and blue tabs on the glasses. Being new to this, and this actually being the first pair of battery operated glasses I have ever seen, I was not sure if they were meant to stay on or be removed. Nothing in the instructions tell you one way or the other. For future reference, they are tabs to remove the protective film, so take them off.

    *Pairing these from instructions had me forever waiting for the TV to have an…

  2. Damon Runyon says:

    Don’t call me Ishmael; Don’t call me Ray/Jay; Don’t call me late for supper; Feel free to call me stupid.

    Priding myself on doing extensive product research and item comparisons, I completely screwed the pooch this time. (Can I print that?) The instructions for these glasses (I bought two pair.) is printed in the tiniest font I’ve yet (not clearly) seen. It literally took me using both reading glasses and a magnifying glass to read.

    Anyway, the booklet of instructions says (Where are those damned reading glasses?): 1. Turn on the TV, and then move the glasses within 19.5 inches of the TV. 2. Press the power button on the 3D glasses briefly. The 3D glasses will power on and pairing will start. 3. The message "3D glasses are connected to TV" will be displayed on the TV screen when the pairing is successfully completed. My TV displayed squat – repeatedly.

    Here’s where the stupid part comes in. After trying fruitlessly and frustratedly for…

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