Samsung BD-F5900 3D Wi-Fi Blu-ray Disc Player

Samsung BD-F5900 3D Wi-Fi Blu-ray Disc PlayerDescription

Samsung BD-F5900 3D Wi-Fi Blu-ray Disc Player S-Recommendation helps you find new things to watch, and Apps offer you new ways to entertain. Enjoy a simple menu, explore the web with built-in browser and Wi-Fi and stream from your other devices with AllShare. Expand your entertainment collection – watch 3D and Blu-ray, stream, or up-convert your favorite DVD to near Blu-ray quality.


  • Full HD 1080p Blu-ray Disc playback
  • Access streaming content and the web with built-in Wi-Fi and Smart Hub
  • 3D Blu-ray Disc playback
  • Product Dimension (WxDxH): 14.2 x 7.7 x 1.6
  • Optical Digital Audio Output via Toslink Cable

Details & Price

This product was manufactured by Samsung.

Brand: Samsung
UPC: 887276017792
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3 Responses to “Samsung BD-F5900 3D Wi-Fi Blu-ray Disc Player”

  1. Sergio says:

    I bought this from Best Buy, not from Amazon, but I felt compelled to write a mini-review of my experience with this device. As a standalone blu-ray player, its great. Not much to say about it. However half of this device is the Smart Hub. Samsung, in their infinite wisdom, decided to tie every app down to their unreliable servers. If the Samsung servers go down (and they do a LOT) you can’t use any apps. The first day I bought it everything worked great and I was very happy with it, it even had a couple apps that I really wanted that non-Samsung smart TVs and BD players do not have (Verizon FiOS app and GLWiz app). Second day at around noon, no app seemed to work. I thought I had an internet problem, but no, Internet was fine and the BD player was connected. I kept trying throughout the day and still nothing. I thought it was a problem with the player so I took it back to Best Buy and exchanged it. Once I set it up, same problem, could not access any apps in the Smart Hub…

  2. Rick says:

    This player does a fine job of playing DVDs or Blurays. The discs load very quickly. The timer that is on the front of the player is very bright. I have not found a way to dim it yet. It is so bright and distracting during a movie that I may have to block it until the movie is finished. The App section of the player can be compared to a Roku which I have. The Apps load very slowly compared to the Roku. Once loaded they are all almost identical. I browsed around a few that are not on the Roku – Bravo and Discovery Channel – and was unable to find any full episodes to watch. Either it said no episodes available or just clips were available.

    The web browser with the remote reminded me of my old Web TV from years ago. You really have to use a wireless keyboard and mouse to use the browser. Even then you will be limited as the browser has no java, active x or any online purchasing/shopping. I may order the keyboard and mouse combo but not sure if the expense is worth it for such…

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