Roku 2 Streaming Player (Black) (Roku 2720R )

Roku 2 Streaming Player (Black) (Roku 2720R )Description

Roku 2 Streaming Player 1080p HD plus enhanced remote with headphone jack Crank up the volume, and enjoy the show with the Roku 2. Dive into 1,000+ channels of movies, TV shows, sports and more in stunning 1080p HD. Watch without disturbing the house when you plug the included headphones into the remote. Enjoy


  • Roku 2 enhanced remote with headphone jack (uses Wi-Fi Direct).
  • Streaming player includes IR receiver (compatible with various universal remotes).
  • 802.11 (a/b/g/n compatible) with WEP, WPA, and WPA2 support.
  • Less than 4.5W (typical) when streaming HD video Power Input.
  • Digital over HDMI (7.1 and 5.1 surround pass through). Analog stereo (left/right/composite video RCA).

Details & Price

This product was manufactured by Roku.

Brand: Roku
UPC: 829610880501
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3 Responses to “Roku 2 Streaming Player (Black) (Roku 2720R )”

  1. DavidA says:

    EDIT – 12/17/13 – YOUTUBE – I’ve never sat back and wished I had YouTube on my Roku, but I know a lot of people (and reviewers) lament the lack of YouTube. Today Roku launched a YouTube channel BUT it’s only available for the Roku 3. The Roku 2 DOES NOT HAVE YOUTUBE and Roku has only said “The channel is expected to be available on additional player models next year.” So if you want YouTube, get a Roku 3.

    EDIT – 12/3/13 – NOTE ON NETFLIX CHANGES : The Roku 3 has received an update to Netflix that the Roku 2 has not (and Roku hasn’t said when/if the 2 will get the Netflix update). The Roku 3 Netflix “channel” has received a facelift – it has a much more pleasant look and works better as a “10-foot” interface in my opinion. Playing content is no different, however the Roku 3 interface is more efficient for finding specific episodes of a season of a TV show. The old (Roku 2) interface presents…

  2. Troy C. says:

    Love it, with some minor nitpicks; a much better experience compared to using my Wii for Netflix.

    Easy-peasy. Choose language, sign in to network, create an account. Done in 5 minutes.
    - Minor bug: my wireless network SSID was listed twice.
    - Minor gripe: had to give my credit card number, but indicated that I can remove this later via website.

    Overall, the experience is great. The interface is beautiful and easy to navigate. The remote is simple, responsive, and has great range. Previously, I used my Wii to access Netflix, but the remote range was so small that I had to get up off the couch to control the Wii. With the Roku remote I can control things even from the dining room!

    One potential point of confusion is the integration with M-Go. The top level menu has Channels (Netflix, Amazon, Crackle, etc) AND “Movies”, “TV”, etc. At first I thought that “Movies” might mean all movies across all…

  3. A. Holloway says:

    We are in our 60’s and can remember, honestly, when tv was a whole lot better.

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