Maxell Cassette VHS-C Adapter (290060)

Maxell Cassette VHS-C Adapter (290060)Description

Its easy to watch your VHS-C recordings in your VCR with the 290060 VHS-C Adapter from Maxell. Its simple to use-you don’t even need batteries!


  • Not for use with 8mm tapes
  • Sold Individually
  • Allows you to watch your VHS-C tapes in your VHS player
  • Manually operated
  • No batteries required

Details & Price

This product was manufactured by Maxell.

Brand: Maxell
UPC: 168141252372
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3 Responses to “Maxell Cassette VHS-C Adapter (290060)”

  1. Markm says:

    I don’t normally write reviews, although I read a lot of them and find them useful. So I’m writing this just because i read the bad reviews for this product and almost bought the more expensive ones; but decided on this one to save some money. My worry was that to save a few bucks I was risking breaking a tape or a VCR per the other review’s comments.

    I am pretty sure the reason they had problems is they didn’t use it properly. The instructions are pretty bad, and if you don’t use it right it will break a tape and/or mess up your VCR. So here is the way to use it;

    the instructions just say open the cover, put in the tape, and close the cover; but its a lot more than that.

    1. open the cover, and you’ll see two posts sticking up that are spring loaded. It is very important you don’t do what I did, which was figure those go in front of the tape, so I pushed them open and dropped the tape so the posts were on the outside of the tape. After…

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