Lifeproof Nuud Case and Stand for iPad 2/3/4 (1103-01)

Lifeproof Nuud Case and Stand for iPad 2/3/4 (1103-01)Description

View larger View larger Equip your iPad for Action With LifeProof nüüd, nothing gets between you and your iPad – literally. Featuring LifeProof’s revolutionary ‘naked touchscreen’ technology, nüüd delivers complete waterproof protection – without a screen cover or membrane. The naked touchscreen lets you enjoy your iPad as Apple intended – the LifeProof protection lets y


  • Water Proof: Fully submerge to 6.6 feet for 60 minutes
  • Shock Proof: Designed to Military Standards to withstand drops from 4 feet
  • Dirt Proof: Totally sealed from dirt and minute dust particles to the IP- 68 rating
  • Snow Proof: Fully enclosed to keep out all melting snow and ice to the IP-68 rating
  • Works both iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4
  • Every feature of the iPad is fully accessible and functional, including the volume controls, silent/screen lock, sleep button, home button and access to the charge and sync connector port

Details & Price

This product was manufactured by Lifeproof.

Brand: LifeProof
UPC: 851919003350
List Price: $129.99.
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3 Responses to “Lifeproof Nuud Case and Stand for iPad 2/3/4 (1103-01)”

  1. kathleen wallace says:

    I am astounded by the horrific experience I have just had with my iPad LifeProof case. I am a teacher and have been using my iPad for my job which requires me to travel through junior high hallways each passing period. I figured I’d better get the best case possible since I would likely drop the iPad at some point in the school year. I bought the LifeProof case, thinking it would protect my iPad. I have used the case for exactly 2 weeks and have not dropped it a single time. Last night my son dropped my ipad from his hands, it fell on a tile floor, and the entire screen shattered into hundreds of tiny shards. I was ASTOUNDED. It was as if there had been no case at all. Are you kidding me? I guess the “proof” is in the puddin’ – or the shards, as the case may be. This morning, I called LifeProof and spoke to an actual human being who told me that they warranty the case itself. So, if the case had cracked into shards, they will warranty the case but the item inside gets no…

  2. James Wynne says:

    I purchased this product for my iPad about a year ago and love it. In fact I loved it so much I bought one for my iPhone as well as the wife’s iPhone. A couple of months ago, I purchased another LifeProof case for my wife’s iPad…though a different color of course. I recently (about a week ago) surprised her with it and so this weekend (8/10/13) she decides to put it all together. However, when she ran the leak test the unit failed. So we pulled the gaskets out cleaned them off with a damp rag, re-inserted them and tested again and again…but the lead test continues to fail. I even pulled my LifeProof apart and used its gasket for a test…but it still failed. I am now looking to just get a replacement but since it has been greater than 30 days since I ordered it, we are out of luck. Really?? I paid $150 for this and only get a 30 day warranty from the manufacturer and Amazon as well? This is a brand new item removed from the box and I get nothing for it since I didn’t open…

  3. T. Wynia "twvette" says:

    ONLY buy this if you MUST have a fully water/dust proof case !!! Its a great product for what it really is and really admire the o-ring design but this is not for the very large majority of people. I use my iPad for GPS in an open off road vehicle in heavy dust and rain so perfect for me but gave it a low review as this product is pushed heavily to the mainstream users when it should not be:

    - Speaker is muffled and at least 25% less sound and loose some serious fidelity
    - The Nuud idea of no screen protector is a cool thought but I really think all of us want some screen protection especially at this price point and cost of an iPad. Atleast it does come with the snap on face cover but its really only practical for storage in my opinion. Weird that when removed it wont snap ontot he backside of the case so its an extra loose item to carry around. It also has a built in kickstand and thus doubles as a stand so that is nice but still not well thought out as only good for…

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