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Dell PERC H800 6G/s PCIe SAS RAID Card Controller with 512MB

Description Overview Featuring RAID control capabilities the PERC H800 RAID controller from DellTM provides reliability, high performance, and fault tolerant disk subsystem management. Offering 1 GB of storage capacity this Expandable RAID controller ensures enhanced performance for your server systems. Dual-Channel provides...

Adaptec 39160 SCSI Card

The Adaptec 39160 is one of the best scsi cards out there. You can use it to support your scsi hard drive as well as scsi tape drives. The SCSI interface is being retired, but you can still find plenty of scsi...

LSI20320IE PCI-Express SCSI Card

If you are looking for a PCI-Express SCSI Card or Non-RAID Host Bus Adapter for your SCSI Tape Drive or SCSI Hard Drive, you have very limited choice out there in the market right now. The ones you are most likely still...

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