Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash for Canon Digital SLR Cameras

Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash for Canon Digital SLR CamerasDescription

Canon 2805B002 Speedlite 430Ex Ii Flash.The fully swiveling bounce head zooms automatically over a range of 24mm-105mm. Its Wireless E-TTL II compatibility permits it to function as a slave unit, triggered by a 580EX, ST-E2, or MR-14EX. Any number of 430EX and 550EX Speedlites can be combined as slave units for creative.Compatibility: All Canon EOS cameras; PowerShot G series cameras.


  • Superior build quality, including a metal foot for added strength
  • Approximately 20% faster recycling time, compared to previous 430EX II
  • 1-Touch Quick-Lock Mechanism for easy attaching/detaching flash from camera
  • Full flash control possible on camera menu, with compatible EOS digital SLRs
  • Zoom head full frame: 24mm-105mm, virtually silent operation

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This product was manufactured by Canon.

Brand: Canon
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3 Responses to “Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash for Canon Digital SLR Cameras”

  1. Canon man "Work hard, have fun, make history." says:

    I had been holding off on purchasing an external flash for my XTI for months, making up all sorts of excuses as to why I shouldn’t own one. It’s too big, I’ll never use it, $200+ for a flash of light is obscene and on and on the excuses went. My wife surprised me by getting me one for my birthday and after using it for 6 months I couldn’t be happier. How did I ever live without this thing?

    I take a lot of pictures indoors of my son. He’s a 9 month old boy that’s not quite ready to be outside all the time. I’ve got the 50mm 1.8 but it just isn’t fast enough in the dim lighting of our home and the on camera flash is worthless. Ever since I got this flash I’d say that 80% of the pictures I take indoors and outdoors are taken with this flash. Below is a list of all of the pro’s and cons I could come up with.

    - Fast recycle time. I can take several burst shots in 1 second and the flash fires each time. You won’t miss many pictures because the flash isn’t…

  2. Neil says:

    I use this external flash unit with my Canon Rebel xTi. The flash does a great job calculating the amount of light it needs to release to expose the photo, making grossly over exposed or underexposed photos a thing of the past. The ability to bounce the flash off of medium height white ceilings gives you great looking photos to the point where I now prefer using my flash instead of relying on high ISOs, fast lenses and low aperature numbers. Although flash photography is a tricky subject, the casual shooter can leave this flash in automatic mode and get wonderfully exposed photos. However, in my opinion, the BEST PART of this external flash is that it enables you to focus MUCH faster than the built in flash and this is reason alone to pick up the Speedlite 430EX II. Previously, when shooting in low light settings, the camera/lens would struggle to focus and the flash would emit several highly annoying test flashes. The Speedlite has no problem finding and focusing on your subject in…

  3. Amazon Customer "Engineer" says:

    The Speedlite 430EX II flash is a solid unit. It contains most of the upgrades that its big brother received. A metal foot finally, with a twist-lock that holds it totally securely to the top of the camera, yet removes in less than a second when you want to take it off, are true values and make a excellent flash unit even better. Canon quality is demonstrated in every aspect.

    I actually purchased this unit as a slave to my 580EX II, but don’t under estimate this unit. It is somewhat smaller than its bigger brother but is still a powerful flash to have in your bag. It can be used as a standalone flash or a slave to its bigger brother. The guide number for the 430ex is 43 and 58 for the 580EX units. That being said, in most shots, you will not know the difference. The unit can be rotated both vertically and horizontal, and can be operated fully ETTL automatically or manually. It supports High-Speed sync which allows you to shoot using all shutter camera speeds and has built…

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