AmazonBasics Extreme Performance Ultra Thin Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna – Designed and Assembled in USA

AmazonBasics Extreme Performance Ultra Thin Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna - Designed and Assembled in USADescription


  • Maximum gain, range and antenna performance
  • State of the Art Integrated Preamplifier
  • Includes 5v USB power inserter with LED power indicatior and 110v power adapter
  • Extra long high quality coaxial cable (18′) and connector included
  • Ships in Certified Furstration-Free packaging
  • Made in USA
  • No Assembly required
  • Recieves free broadcast High Definition TV signals

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This product was manufactured by AmazonBasics.

Brand: AmazonBasics
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3 Responses to “AmazonBasics Extreme Performance Ultra Thin Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna – Designed and Assembled in USA”

  1. Konrad "Trudging On" says:

    Comment added on 31 October 2013-

    AmazonBasics lists three different antennas under one sales entry point but there are major differences in antenna size and reception. Selecting the right antenna will make a difference in the broadcast [OTA] signals your television set receives. My advice is begin by using this site [antennaweb dot org]

    and follow the steps using the ZIP code for your location, and then choose which of these three antennas might work best for your local area.

    I considered the Mohu Leaf products but decided on this AmazonBasics model because prior buys of AmazonBasics cables has proved their worth as a product line to me, saving 15 dollars over a similar Leaf was a plus. I used a zip code based search service to see how many channels are available in my geographic area, 18 in total. With the AmazonBasics amped…

  2. Yarii says:

    Review of the **Regular Performance** Model

    Over a year ago I purchased a Mohu Leaf for a bedroom TV, the original version basic Leaf, good for a 35 mile radius under optimal conditions. I was able to pick up 39 channels with the Mohu.

    This AmazonBasics antenna looks like a Mohu Leaf, but slightly smaller in size. I placed it in the same location as the Leaf, did a channel scan and came up with 37 channels. Two channels less than the Leaf, but they weren’t channels I watched anyhow (local Hispanic/religious programming).

    I was able to place a framed photograph on the wall OVER the antenna to help hide it, with no loss of signal. I’ve also experienced clouds, rain and snow flurries the past 2 days with no signal loss due to weather conditions.

    I see no difference in color brightness or picture quality with this antenna over the Leaf….and no matter if you choose this AmazonBasics or the Mohu Leaf, they both look a heck of a lot better than…

  3. mareem says:

    Could not be happier with the AmazonBasics HP flat antenna. This was just what I’d hoped for. After ditching Comcast cable 6 months ago and then last week no longer receiving even a handful of OTA, thanks to Comcast trying to strong-arm former customers by blocking the handful of local OTA channels. Btw, Comcast, hate you even more now; we are never, ever getting back together again. ;-)

    So, I shopped around and decided on this AmazonBasics HP HDTV antenna, as well as one Mohu Leaf flat antenna (@ same price). We needed one for the downstairs den/media room tv and one for the upstairs master bedroom tv. I figured one of those two antennas not only do the trick but that one would be better. (Both were forehead slapping easy to install and set-up: plug ‘n’ play then run channel scan. Any issues, just shift the antenna a little this way or that until satisfied with the reception and picture on all the received channels. We pulled in @ 30 on both the AmazonBasics HP and the…

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